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2022 Roster



Trevor Morse, known professionally as TMGlitch is an American DJ/Music Producer. TMGlitch began Producing at the age of 16 and quickly began to evolve his sound. With every track he produced bringing better and higher quality sound TMGlitch sets himself apart with no genre being off-limits, producing bangers in any genre he touches! In 2019 TMGlitch formed a project called Sad Thought to focus more on the emotional side of music.TMGlitch has released music with several underground labels and currently releases under his GlitchoutNation Records collective.

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Nothing here :(

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Sad Thought

Sad Thought is a side project from TMGlitch that features mainly Chill tunes, Lofi, and House Music. The project was formed in 2020 and continues to have a special place in the hearts of Glitch, his friends, and his family! TMGlitch often includes a section of Sad Thought type tracklists in most of his live sets and performances so fans can get the best of both projects!



22 year old Producer / engineer/ rapper / content creator just looking to provide chill space for people to watch me create or play random things

Always working on some sort of music whether its mixing , making beats, or creating projects of my own, come along for the journey, been making music for about 3 years

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